Release Notes

This document provides version-specific information about the latest NFON releases. 



Release 24.11.2017


Ncontrol (4.15.8)

  • general bug fixes and improvements
  • update of the D3 expansion module view for snom D375
  • minor Polish translation improvements



Provisioning (Prov-1710-01)


  • Gigaset: menu and phonebook now available
  • Yealink T4xS: minor adjustments to the telephone- and web interface
  • Cisco SPA112: adjustments to the NL dial tones



Administration portal (


  • general bugfixes and improvements
  • enhancements of time zones



Release 20.07.2017


Ncontrol (4.15.6)


  • integration of new devices (snom D712, Yealink T4xS series)



Provisioning (Prov-1707-01)


  • provisioning for snom D712 
  • provisioning for Yealink T4xS series (BETA)
  • misc timezone fixes



Administration portal (


  • general bugfixes and improvements
  • fix for Patton bitrate setting



Release 06.06.2017


Provisioning (PROV-1706-01)


  • Polish is available for the Panasonic HDVx30 series and the TGP600 model
  • NCTI server / LDAP support for Spectralink IP DectServer 6500
  • Public space feature for Yealink T19P_E2 and Panasonic KX-HDV130
  • Support for the latest snom firmware 




Release 04.05.2017


Ncontrol (4.15.4)


  • new fax setting allowing to delete the fax after sending
  • general improvements



Release 7.04.2017


Ncontrol (4.15.2)


  • general bugfixes and improvements



Provisioning (Prov-1704-01)


  • general bugfixes and improvements



Administration portal (


  • now you have the possibility to delete a complete phone book
  • tooltip updates for languages DE, NL, PL
  • general bugfixes and improvements




Release 09.03.2017


Ncontrol (4.15.1)


  • general bugfixes and improvements



Provisioning (Prov-1703-01)


  • "Add new extension" - a button was removed from the softphone wizard
  • general bugfixes and improvemets



Administration portal (


  • fix translation issue (French, Italian) in batch import / export
  • general bugfixes and improvements